About Bricks and Murder

Follow the intrigues of The Armitage, an aging apartment house on the outskirts of Chelsea, one of Manhattan’s hottest neighborhoods. Residents clash as they navigate the changing landscape of their slice of the Big Apple.


The local bodega is now an art gallery. The condos on the corner have car elevators. Their building has been sold, and nobody knows who bought it. And suddenly everybody is under suspicion when one of their newest residents turns up dead in the back yard.



Each 20-30 minute episode interweaves multiple storylines and ends with a cliffhanger

Diverse characters and stories that blend mystery, romance, murder, humor, and fantasy

Goodies, the on-premise café, hosts performances by musicians, singers, poets, and comics

Robust website includes episodes and engages visitors with blogs, diaries, comic strips, and other related content.

 Sponsorship opportunities are open for customization



Produced by Writers Actors Collective, LLC

Writers Actors Collective is a group of artists who create and tell stories for all media.



Beth Adler

Stephanie Braxton

Kathryn Danielle

Marianne Matthews

Dara O’Brien


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meet the characters


TRACY BEALE. New to the Armitage, she just lost her job, and her hold on reality isn’t far behind. A bi-polar, self-medicator (booze, pills, and sex) who has her eye on Damon. Think Single White Female meets Leaving Las Vegas.

CHIARA DE SOL. Newly widowed and of indeterminate age. She’s hungry for adventure and curses like a sailor. She claims to have psychic powers. Does she?

JOY DANILE. A southern belle approaching middle age who loves life, men, and her poodle, Pinkie.  She’s a serial hobbyist with a year-round tan, and a former Miss Young Mobile. Think Steel Magnolias meets Sex and the City.

VIKTORIA VAKHRUSHEVA. A Russian émigré con artist who lives by her wits, dumpster dives for profit, and has deep connections to the Russian mob. Willie the Super may have met his match.

NIK MULLENS. Viktoria’s grown son. He’s homeless and in trouble with the law–and that’s just for starters. Can out-con his mother by a mile and is probably a psychopath. He’s on the hunt for his next mark: Joy needs to watch out.

ESTELLE BARBER. An out-of-work actress who is fast passing her prime and fighting it every step of the way. And since she used to be a he whose first job was as a chorus boy in the road company of La Cage aux Folles, she knows a thing or two about remaking herself. Think The Danish Girl with a touch of Norma Desmond.

TODD ANDERS, an aspiring young actor who looks like a movie star and sounds like a surfer-dude. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but all-business when he thinks Estelle may be his ticket to fame and fortune.

TOM GAVIGAN. A beyond studly detective who arrives on the scene to investigate Mary’s death. The women of the Armitage are more than happy to cooperate. 

MARY LAFFERTY. Former Headmistress of an upscale girls’ school. Jailed for the murder of her lover and newly released, she takes up residence at The Armitage. Hates everyone and everything. Tends feral cats that are almost as mean as she is. Think Golden Girls meets Livia Soprano. Her suspicious death gives our series its name and creates a seismic shift in the life of the Armitage.

WILLIE MARROW, THE SUPER. Aging bachelor and wannabe ladies’ man. A third-generation Armitage resident and the only one who knows all the building’s secrets–and he plans to keep it that way.  A Paul Blart, Mall Cop type who thinks he’s James Bond.

PATTY MERCER. Owner of Goodies, the café on the ground floor. Eager to escape her past and make Goodies a focal point of the NYC music scene, starting with her new open mic series. She’s the emotional center of the Armitage community, always ready to listen, but slow to reveal anything about herself.

JAKE PASCAL. Itinerant French photojournalist and Patty’s ex. He wants Patty back, and he knows how to be persuasive. Rugged, sexy, and a little dangerous.

HAYLEY BRANDT MOORE. Married to Damon, and raising their two kids mostly on her own. Feeling the strain of picking up the slack for her mostly-absent husband and taking care of her needy drunk of a mother. A control freak on the edge.

DAMON MOORE. Jazz musician married to Hayley. He plays the ladies almost as well as he plays tenor sax. After fourteen years of marriage to Hayley, he’s ready for something new. Think Denzel Washington in “Mo’ Betta Blues.”

MADDIE MOORE. Hayley and Damon’s 12-year-old biracial daughter. Wants to break free almost as much as her father does. A budding writer who sees everything, but isn’t sure what to make of it. Wary, curious, and eager for her life to begin.

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Story by: Beth Adler, Stephanie Braxton, Kathryn Danielle, Marianne Matthews, Dara O'Brien,

Script by : Stephanie Braxton

Produced by Daniel Srebnick

Co-directed by Stephanie Braxton and Daniel Srebnick

Original music by Daniel Srebnick

Audio production by Anonymous Sources Music


Cast (in order of appearance)

Gavigan: Max Rhyser

Patty: Kathryn Danielle

Mary: Stephanie Braxton

Jake: Pascal Escriout

Willie: Jeff Goldstein

Hayley: Dara O'Brien

Maddie: Lorelei Cadorette

Damon: Jeff Woods Garlin

Tracy: Anne Stockton

Viktoria: Beth Adler

Nik: Hazen Cuyler

Estelle: Susan Laubach

Todd: Quinn Coughlin

Chiara: Ellen O'Neill

Joy: Marianne Matthews

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